Final Blog

Somehow, my time in this FYS is coming to an end. It’s so surreal that my first semester of college is nearly over. But I am glad to have spent it in the Grimm to Disney FYS.

This has really been a very interesting class. I learned a lot about the Brothers Grimm and their history and lives, which I enjoyed, and which helped me better understand the influences of their tales. Gaining such in-depth knowledge about different analytical viewpoints of the Brothers Grimm tales was a great experience.

As I look over my blogs, I can see the progression of my learning. I improved in articulating my thoughts into clear ideas and analysis of the tales. It was fun and interesting to compare and contrast the tales. From all the comparisons made about various tales, I was able to form a clear picture about how and why Disney changed the tales the way that they did.

Disney made a lot of changes to the tales. I learned that the zeitgeist is a huge factor in this. People want to appeal to large audiences and produce stories that will be very popular. When looking at all the differences in tales like “Hansel and Gretel” or “Rapunzel,” I saw this idea manifest over and over. Reading and discussing all the tales helped me understand Disney’s adaptations. 

I enjoyed reading all the tales and learning about the lives of Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. I also enjoyed being able to analyze the tales from all different kinds of viewpoints. This helped to create a fuller interpretation of the tales. Also, it showed that one can interpret tales in many different ways.

Overall, I have learned a great deal from this FYS. I enjoyed the discussion set up of the classroom as well as the oral reports. This was a really great experience and introduction to college.


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