Blog #8: Little Red Riding Hood Cartoon

Cartoonist: John Ditchburn

Cartoon published by: INKCINCT cartoons. Their website: 

This is a very simple cartoon at first glance, but it holds a lot of commentary. The themes in “Little Red Riding Hood” can often relate back to things like stranger-danger, innocence, and naivety. These core themes are reflected back in this cartoon. The “in the past” caption shows how the contrasts of good and evil used to be clear-cut. There used to be a clearly innocent, naive child, and the big bad wolf. But now, in current times, things have begun to grow more unclear. More grey areas exist as these “big bad wolf” characters become harder to sniff out. This relates to young women getting entrapped into schemes by typically older men who seem to be good guys…and turn out to really be the bad guys.

It is also clear the innocent Little Red character has been changed into a much older looking girl, with full makeup and dressy outfits. The outfit may typically be considered provocative or “trashy” in our society. The wolf being shown as a person working for the fashion industry is commenting on that industry as a whole and how women are being represented. It can also be more specific towards the manipulation and exploitation of younger girls especially. Young women can become entrapped by the fashion industry and can be taken advantage of. The exploitation of women and girls is a key theme in this cartoon. This is a pretty important social commentary, as this issue is extremely relevant in current times.

I overall found this cartoon shocking and provocative at first, but it does hold a deeper theme and meaning which was interesting to explore and think about. It uses the themes of “Little Red Riding Hood” as a basis for getting their point across.


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