Blog #5: Compare and Contrast Snow White

The 1937 Disney film upholds a lot of the key plot elements. Disney tends to add a lot of little details or little changes. As usual, Disney takes away the most graphic details of the original Grimm tales. The Queen’s death is an accident in the movie, but in the Grimm tale she has to brutally dance herself to death. This, among many other changes, are made in order to make the tale their own and to attract a wider range of audiences. Little kids, for example, probably do not want to watch a movie where the Queen is basically tortured to death. But they do want to watch a classic love story with a prince and a princess; the kiss is added in the movie to provide more romance and get people interested. Disney likes to take the original tales and adapt them to their liking, and to gain popular attention. Below, I compare and contrast the plot in more detail in the Grimm tale and the Disney film


  • “Mirror, Mirror, On the wall…” phrase is the same
  • The Mirror reveals Snow White is fairer than the Queen
  • Queen orders huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her
  • Huntsman lets Snow White go and kills a wild animal instead
  • Snow White is afraid in the forest
  • The cottage is empty; Snow White falls asleep in their beds
  • Dwarf’s are mesmerized by Snow White’s beauty
  • Queen asks the Mirror who is the fairest and she realizes she’s been deceived
  • Snow White is placed in a glass coffin
  • Prince and Snow White marry
  • Queen is punished
Grimm Disney Movie (1937)
-Queen wishes for a child; Little Snow White is her biological daughter
-LITTLE Snow White; she’s young
-Queen orders huntsman to specifically stab Little Snow White to death, and bring back her lungs and liver for her to EAT
-Snow White runs the entire day until she stumbles upon the Dwarf’s cottage
-Cottage is not dirty
-Goldilocks similarities
-Dwarf’s just a function of the plot
-The Queen uses paint to disguise herself
-The Queen attempts to kill Snow White on 3 different occasions: with tight lace, a poisoned comb, and a poisoned apple
-The apple is half poison
-Prince gets the dwarfs to give him Snow White in her coffin
A servant accidentally knocks Snow White and the apple chunk comes out of her throat; she’s alive
-Queen forced to dance in hot iron shoes until she dies
-Snow White is the Queen’s step-daughter
-Prince meets Snow White in the beginning
SNOW WHITE is much older in the film
-Queen gives orders to huntsman to bring back Snow White’s heart in a box
-Many friendly animals comfort Snow White and lead her to the Dwarf’s cottage; the animals play a bigger role in the movie
-Snow White and animals find the cottage dirty and empty so they clean it together
-The 7 little dwarfs are cutesy, and they all have names and personalities
-The Queen makes a magic potion to disguise herself
-The Queen only attempts to kill Snow White once
-Poison Apple is in a spell book; it is to close victim’s eyes in the sleeping death, but True Love’s kiss will cure it
– Snow White prays at the end of the night
– The apple is dipped in the Poison
-Animals continually try to intervene and protect Snow White
-The Queen tells Snow White the apple is a magic wishing apple, one bite and all her dreams come true
-The Queen dies as lightning strikes and she falls off the rocks; it is an accident
-Prince finds Snow White and awakens her with a kiss

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