Blog #1: WHY?

In my high school, we have a program called the Ulysses Program where students immerse themselves in research strategies and eventually create their own research project their senior year. Seniors would give presentations to a class as part of the requirement. Interestingly enough, one of the senior girls did their project about the Grimm fairy tales and how they compare to Disney adaptations. I was lucky enough to be in the class she presented to, and I found the whole topic very interesting! I’ve always been interested in the darker nature and backstories to things, and this goes hand in hand with Grimm fairytales. So when I saw the class as an option here at McDaniel, I was very happy and rated it very high. I’m so pleased to be placed in this class, and am very excited to learn.

Throughout the class, I hope I can learn more about the history of the Grimm brothers, as well as read their fairy tales. I hope I can learn about the differences between the Grimm tales and Disney, and more importantly why those differences (or similarities) exist in the first place.

Of all fairytales, I would say my favorite is The Little Mermaid. I liked mermaids a lot as a kid, and I have always loved the music in it as well. My sister actually played Ariel in our high school musical, so having a personal connection to that is impacting for me. I loved seeing the story come alive in vibrant colors and sounds. Also, another fun fact is me and my sister named our second dog Melody after Ariel and Prince Eric’s daughter in The Little Mermaid 2. Looking at the plot though, I generally just liked how Ariel longed for new adventure in her life, and had to face the repercussions of her actions; even though Disney does give her a happy ending of course.

Photo Credits to DT Photography

My sister as Ariel (Photo Credits to DT Photography)